Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant


Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant is a great local restaurant in Phu Ket. It is well-known for its seafood and you will be surprised by the delicious food served here.

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Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant is located at the edge of mangrove forest in Paklok. It is on the north east coast of Phuket. Head up the main road to the airport and turn right at the “Heroines Monument“. From the Heroines Monument Traffic Rounda bout take the turning towards Ao Por, after around 9 km there is a sign on the right for this small restaurant. It is surrounded by lots of shady trees overlooks the water and mangroves.

What to eat

Bang Pae Seafood restaurant ( via Yummyphuket.blogspot)

The food is great at Bang Pae Seafood , the place is very basic but nice, a good choice for an easy going Sunday lunch. What makes us come back is also the setting, right on the edge of the mangrove with the open sea in the background. Bang Pae Seafood can get busy and yet there is a sense of peace, and time seems to slow down.

What to say about Bangpae Seafood Restaurant? Fresh local seafood, preparing by experienced chef, its decor is hardly stands out but its surroundings are excellent. The dishes are served promptly and at very reasonable prices.
 What more could a hungry customer ask for? Tom Yum Goong is a must try dish which is served with rice noodle. The soup is made by good quality prawn, other spices and herbs, milk or coconut milk, red chili and mushroom.

Try their tom yam talay (hot-and-sour Thai seafood soup), deep-fried tempura shrimp, stir-fried vegetables with cashew nuts, fresh oysters with local herbs and deep-fried squid with garlic and pepper. Also, their steamed and broiled seafood dishes with Thai herbs are delicious.

Tom Yam talay ( via Justgola)

What not to miss about eating seafood in Thailand is nam jim or Thai spicy seafood sauce. It’s made from garlic, green chillies and a little bit of fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. The taste is a mixture of spicy, sour and a little bit sweet. You can ask for the ‘mai pet maak’ (not too spicy) version and they will tone it down for you. The problem is once you get used to the sauce, it’ll be hard to enjoy seafood, especially the BBQ items without it. So be aware!

This seaside restaurant has a spectacular location with a small beach for kids to run around on or to stroll up and down before or after a meal. There’s a lovely backdrop of mangroves, too. The best time to go is at lunchtime as the mosquitoes are a lot less active then and you can just take in the ocean views. Try to remember to take along mosquito repellent but don’t panic if you forget; the restaurant has mosquito coils.

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