10 must-see small towns in Thailand (Part 1)


If you are planning your trip to Thailand and wondering where to go, let’s have a look at the list below. These towns have many tourist attractions that awaits you to come and explore.

>> Visiting Golden Triangle


Lamphun was once the northernmost outpost of the ancient Mon Dvaravati Kingdom. There is an old fortress that guards ancient temples from when the city was an important defensive post for Queen Chama Thevi, one of Thailand’s most beloved rulers. The city does not promote or celebrate this ancient history too much, but it is quite a charming place as it sits on the Mae Kuang River. The most beautiful attraction might be the scenic 26-km (16-mile) country drive from nearby Chang Mai that gives tourists a visual taste of the beautiful river valley landscape.

Glimpse of Chiang Saen Town (via youtube.com)

Ao Nang

Accomodation standards are high in this beach town near Krabi. There is a loud, somewhat seedy nature to the nightlife in Ao Nang where you are likely to find tourists from all over the world on a booze crawl. But the town is cradled by limestone karsts and the beaches are weaved in between these impressive pillars, as well. If you fancy a private beach, friendly locals will take you on longtail boats to karst islands just off in the distance. There’s plenty of outdoor adventure to be found at Ao Nang, from dive trips to mangrove adventures.

Chiang Saen

Deep in northern Thailand and just south of the Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen is a former ghost town crawling back to life. Once one of the most important cities of Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Saen has been sacked and conquered many times throughout history. In 1900, the repopulation began but you can still see the crumbling fortified walls of a violent past. You can see massive barges carrying fruit, car parts and other goods from China out to sea on the Mekong river. And Laos lies just across the Mekong from this sleepy river town.

Chiang Khan Town (via thailandpaitingholidays.com)


Chaweng awaits you on the island of Ko Samui in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Rent a scooter to get around this little island paradise that is fit with great tourist infrastructure. The long, white, sandy beach of Chaweng is busy day and night as restaurants and bars come to life when the sun sets over the azure blue waters. Keep any eye out for two small islands just off the sand. There you’ll find a great snorkeling reef and the islands are accessible on foot during low tide. When night falls, pick your poison — a loud, club-like beach party, or a subdued, laid-back, chill beach bar.

Chiang Khan

Deep in the heart of northeastern Thailand, Chiang Khan gives you the opportunity to swim in the Mekong river. To get to the swimming hole at Gaeng Kut Kuu, follow the road next to the river down into the valley a mile or two. If the river bed is dry, pop-up restaurants will await you. Chiang Khan is popular with vacationing Thais because of the beautiful views of mountains in neighboring Laos and the town’s famous walking street. The street, closed to traffic, is lined with vendors, restaurants, bars, shops, yoga studios and boutiques. Be sure to get a guesthouse high on a hill to enjoy the view of Laos yourself.
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