Thing to do

Bangkok is an ideal place to spend your holiday thanks to its amazing cuisine and stunning landscapes. If you have the chance to travel there, don't miss these low-cost but fascinating things below.

Bangkok provides a lot of interesting things to explore when traveling there. You want to have a memorable trip but spend very little cost, look at our suggestions below.

Muay Thai is the most famous Thai sport which attracts a lot of tourists coming to Thailand. One of the ideal place to see this sport is in Bangkok.

There is no shortage of interesting things to do when traveling to Phuket thanks to its nature. Getting around the island, relaxing on the beautiful beaches or trying massage... will be memorable experiences for you.

´╗┐If you're looking for some where amazing with interesting activities, look no further than Chaeweng beach in Koh Samui. There are numerous things awating you here to explore.

What to eat

Bangkok's cuisine is very famous with numerous delicious dishes. One of the most popular ones that you cannot miss when visiting Bangkok is noodle. Try once and you will know why it is special.