Thing to do

Activities in Chiang Rai (P2)

Visiting to Chiang Rai in Thailand, tourists not only have chance to admire the natural beauty but also can take part in many exciting things to do such as rock climbing, adventure park or cooking classes.
Activities in Chiang Rai (P1)

Just over 160 kilometers to the north of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is a land of natural beauty with remote hill tribes, spot exotic wildlife and a lot of activities.
Visiting Chiang Mai Bazaar night market

Chiang Mai Bazaar night market is one of the best place for shopping and even tasting Thai Cuisine in Chang Mai.
Visiting Pattaya Park

‘Amusement park’ is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Pattaya. So for families, Pattaya Park offers a good alternative to beach activities and other tourist attractions found along Sukhumvit Road.
Activities in Krabi: Rock Climbing

Krabi’s limestone cliffs are heaven for rock climbing enthusiasts, who come from all over the globe to take up the challenge of climbing them.

What to eat

Khao Pad-Thai Fried Rice

Thailand is rich with foods and agriculture products all year round. There is an abundance of natural ingredients and spices used to create delicious Thai dishes known around the world. Even a simple dish like Khao Pad-fried rice can provide nutritious value with a satisfying taste.