Thing to do

Freedom Beach is one of the least accessible of all the Phuket beaches, but according to our contributors, it is the Best Beach in Phuket.

Nai Harn is increasingly one of the island's more popular destinations. Once known only to in-the-know locals, it has been very firmly "discovered". However, as the small bay is home to only a few hotels, restaurants and shops, it retains its quiet charm.

Throughout my years of travel I’ve come to learn that the cost of a destination should not simply be defined as “X country costs $X a day.” Well, that “$X” number might be in the ball park of what you might end up spending in the end, but the problem is that most people end up spending more than what they budget because they don’t take their time to understand their destination and how costs are structured there.
Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

Paddle off for a day of adventure on this 7-hour kayaking tour of the caves, cliffs and islands in Phang Nga Bay.
Walking around Chinatown

For centuries, Chinese immigrants to Thailand have made Yaowarat Road their home. Learn about the rich history behind Bangkok’s vibrant Chinatown neighbourhoods, and wake up your taste buds with a morning walking tour of mouth-watering Thai-Chinese foods.

What to eat

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is a famous dessert in Thailand cuisine and not to be missed.