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Le Du Restaurant Bangkok is a modern Thai-inspired eatery, with both a-la-carte and tasting menus made from locally sourced ingredients and centuries-old culinary culture.from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and some experience in Michelin-starred restaurants The Modern and Jean-Georges.

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Despite a French sounding name, Le Du is not a French restaurant at all… Le Du means ‘Season‘ in Thai and categorizing its cuisine is a bit difficult. It could be defined as Young Creative Cuisine with Thai Roots with touches from many international origins. And here ‘Young’ doesn’t mean amateur – Chef Ton worked for many years in several Michelin-starred restaurants in USA. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America with the highest score in his class, he worked at Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, and Jean Georges restaurants.

Le Du restaurant is definitely hard to find, tucked in a very narrow soi between Silom and Sathorn roads. The place is modestly decorated to make yourself feel comfortable as soon as you step in. The crew and chefs are very bright and friendly, speaking perfect English, which helps explaining the menu.

Dining in Le Du Restaurant (via ledubkk.com)

While we were deciding what to eat, we enjoyed some excellent wine from their impressive cellar selected by a Chef Ton, who is also a certified sommelier. Looking at the dinner menu, things start to become really interesting. It’s a short but intriguing list, with each main ingredient listed with the style of dish and secondary ingredients below. You may classify things as ‘I like this’ or ‘I don’t like that’ (or even ‘what can this possibly be?’), but once at Le Du, leave your preconceptions at the door because nothing is as you imagine it.

What to eat

We decided to go with the most logical choice to get the best of what the chefs have to offer and selected the 4 courses for 1690 baht – a bargain. Dishes were served smoothly without delay and right from the first course we went from surprise to surprise… all were absolutely delicious which is rather exceptional: being 5 guests ordering the 4 courses option, we actually ended up picking everything on the menu at least once! Think about it, when was the last time you went to a restaurant and every single dish on the menu was faultless? Most noticeable dishes were the cold ‘Allium’ soup served with charred leeks and sunflower seeds, a surprising combination of creamy soup with a slightly lemony taste with a faint smoky flavour to it (160 baht). The Conpoy Congee was surprising too… forget everything you know about congee, this dish consists of yolk, ginger emulsion, mushroom chips, and Yunnan ham that you need to mix together to obtain a creamy consistency with a delicate taste (200 baht). We could go on and on and try to describe each plate, but it would never make justice to each of these elaborate recipes.

Food in the restaurant (via ledubkk.com)

Then came the desserts which closed the dinner perfectly: try the surprising banana cake ice cream; but here again, don’t picture banana cakes the way you know them, this is light with a touch of crispy caramel (270 baht). The 4-course dinner is 1690 baht (with optional add-ons for premium ingredients), and the 6-course tasting menu is 2590 baht, both options can be served with wine pairing for additional 990 and 1,590 baht respectively. The wines are wisely selected and even those served by the glass are really above average, making it a great value if you feel like sampling several crus. With such talented and enthusiastic team, Le Du restaurant is a shining star of Bangkok, bringing a new creative cuisine at a reasonable price, something that was definitely missing in town.

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